Applied Physiology & Nutrition Group

Sport Department

The Applied Physiology & Nutrition Group goal is to conduct comprehensive clinical and experimental studies to uncover the role of physical activity and nutrition in sport, aging, obesity and chronic diseases. Our group members are Scientific Initiation students, Masters, PhD and postdoctoral researchers, with quite different backgrounds, including Physical Education, Sport, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Medicine, Biology, Pharmacy and Mathematics. Our research laboratories are in the USP Medical School and Hospital das Clínicas , and are always open to visitation. Consult the group coordinators to learn more about our weekly scientific meeting.

Some of the topics that represent our area of research are:

  • Efficacy and safety of nutritional supplements (eg, buffers, creatine, carbohydrates, proteins, HMB, caffeine) 
  • Placebo Effect in Sports Nutrition
  • Individual Variability in Sports Nutrition
  • Effects of physical inactivity and physical training on rheumatologic diseases
  • Effect of physical training on bariatric patients
  • Effects of physical training combined with nutritional supplements in frail elderly
Study Areas
  • Acute and chronic effects of exercise on the cardiovascular system
  • Nutrition, physical activity and genetics sport and health
  • Sports performance
Hamilton Roschel, PhD. - Coordinator