Doctoral Program

Admissions in the Doctoral Program in Physical Education are a continuous flow. The direct admission (without Master's degree) is allowed.
For further information, please contact the Graduate Service.
Applicants must present the following documents:
  • Copy of the diploma and undergraduate transcript (except for EEFE-USP masters);
  • Copy of the transcript and of the Master's Degree certificate or diploma (if the case);
  • 1 copy of the Research Project in one of the concentration areas, including, at least, the following topics:
    1) Temporary Title;
    2) Introduction;
    3) Objectives;
    4) Literature review;
    5) Methodology;
    6) References.
    font Times New Roman / size 12 / spacing 1,5cm / margins de 2,5cm each side / maximum 20 pages.
  • Approval on the English proficiency exam;
  • Approval on the Portuguese proficiency exam (for foreigners);
  • Fulfilled informative questionnaire;
  • ID copy and, if foreigner, permanency visa;
  • Recent 3X4cm picture;
  • Entry requirement;
  • Payment receipt of the application fee click here
  • Detailed opinion of the future Mentor Professor on the candidate's academic and professional experience, research project and transcript;
  • Acceptance or publication (in the last 5 years) as main author of a complete article in a indexed magazine or 1 book or book chapter published by a traditionally recognized editor in the academia, related to the master's dissertation theme or to the proposed project. The applicant for the Direct Doctoral must present acceptance or publication (in the last 5 years) as main author of 3 complete articles published on a indexed journal or books or chapters published by a traditionally recognized editor in the academia, related to the proposed project.
The documentation will be analyzed by the Graduate Commission during ordinary reunions.
English Proficiency
The English proficiency exam may be taken in any institution and it must be certified when enrolling. Below we list the accepted exams. All of them are valid for five years:
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
Institutional Testing Program (ITP)
Internet-Based Test (IBT)
IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System)
Suggested institution for taking the ITP-TOEFL exam:
MK Consultoria em Idiomas
Phones: 55 11 5031-6384 or 5031-3244
Contact: Mrs. Catia
The required ponctuation for the proficiency exam will be informed in specific notice 30 days before the opening application date.
Portuguese Proficiency
Foreigner students from countries which main language is not Portuguese are required to present, besides the English proficiency, the Portuguese proficiency. Below we list the accepted exams and minimum grade required.
Exam of the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences (FFLCH-USP) Language Center. The FFLCH Language Center is an application Center of CELPE-Brás.