Procedures for signing an agreement
EEFE-USP professors interested in establishing partnerships with foreign academic institutions must initially define with an interested partner which type of cooperation is most suitable for their objectives. There are two formal document options to be stablished within the scope of USP's international cooperation: cooperation agreement and academic agreement.
The cooperation agreement is the generic term for designating a document from which obligations arise for the parties, however not yet as specified as in an academic agreement.
The academic agreement is a document that expresses the obligations of all partners involved in it, aiming at common objectives, resulting in specific goals to be fulfilled by each one, according to a well-defined Work Plan.
Thus, the Work Plan (*) is the starting point for the conclusion of an Agreement, containing the object and information about its execution, also showing the link with teaching, research or extension interests. The interested teacher must prepare the referred plan in agreement with the foreign institution, as well as discuss the model of the agreement draft. USP has its own models of draft agreements. If the foreign institution presents another model, this must be analyzed later by USP's Legal Consultancy. In view of this, the foreign institution must present the expression of interest and / or accept to sign an International Academic Agreement with USP, formalized by letter. This documentation must be delivered to the Director by means of a letter from the interested teacher.
(*) Steps to prepare the Work Plan:
I - Identification of the object to be executed;
II - Justification: teaching / research / extension;
III - Activity to be developed / Goals to be achieved;
IV - Stages of execution;
V - Financial resources and application plan;
VI - Coordination;
VII - Personnel involved;
VIII - Term; and
IX - Other relevant information
For further information, please contact our International Office.
Partner institutions
The School of Physical Education and Sport maintains partnerships with the following academic institutions: