Undergraduate research

The Scientific Initiation is a program aimed to undergraduate students, connecting them to study groups and lines of research. It also intends to encourage the student, coached by an experienced professor, to learn techniques and scientific methods, as well as to stimulate the development of scientific thinking and creativity, which are results of conditions created by direct confront with research issues.
Undergraduates may develop research through Scientific Initiation with support of scholarship offered traditional agencies for research funding. However, they may also work without being connected to any scholarship and/or assistance. In EEFE, it is possible to make formal registry of those research and researches through the Research Commission.
Institutional Scientific Initiation (IC-EEFE)
The Institutional Scientific Initiation is developed without an expected scholarship. In order to value these researches, the Research Commission approved a statement that formalizes this practice, which makes it possible for the student to obtain a certificate and official recognition. The application request must be handed to the Research Commission for register. The applications can be made at any date.
  • The student must be regularly enrolled;
  • The student must not be registered at any other scientific initiation program;
  • The tutor must be EEFE’s professor, researcher or postdoctoral researcher, with a PhD title.
Required documents:
  • Fulfilment of information on the project, the student and the mentor at the USP's Sistema Atena;
  • Updated academic transcript;
  • Student’s lattes summarized résumé;
  • Research project with up to 10 pages;
  • Approval by the Ethics Committee.
For further information, please write compesq@usp.br


The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) Scientific Initiation scholarships are intended for the University in the form of quotas (PIBIC) and also by means of specific announcements. At USP, the Provost's Office for Research is the responsible organ for managing and distributing scholarships to the unities. The first stage of the sëlection process is conducted by the Research Commission of EEFE. The second stage and the scholarship distribution are made by the Provost's Office for Research.

For further information, please contact compesq@usp.br

Other scholarships

Students with scholarships by other funding programs may submit their projects to the  EEFE Research Commission and registered at the USP Sistema Atena to receive a certificate. To this end, students and advisors must follow the same requirements as for Institutional Scientific Initiation, in addition to including the term of grant of the scholarship with the period of the project agreed when enrolling in the Program.

Tutorial Education Program (PER – SESu/MEC)
The Tutorial Education Program (PET) was established to support academic activities that comprehend teaching, research and extension. The PET is formed by tutorial groups of learning and it provides to the undergraduates, under a tutor orientation, the opportunity to participate on extracurricular activities that complement the academic education and attend the needs of the undergraduate course.
At EEFE, the selection process is conducted by the Undergraduate Commission. Consult the announcement when available.
For further information, please visit the website of the Government Education Department.