Interdisciplinary Study Group on Soccer

Pedagogy of the Human Body Movement Department
Researchers from the areas of Anthropology, Physical Education, Geography and History debate and discover new analytic perspectives to study soccer. The group seeks to analyze the relevance of this sport as a comprehensive cultural element, leading to a wide apprehension of the Brazilian society. The objective is to see football as a phenomenon that symbolizes society, how it adds up to society and acts as a constructive element by means of corporal and collective representation. In a broad way it is possible to understand how come uncountable fundamental issues to Brazilian society are present as components of this sport. At the same time, soccer also interacts as a dynamic cultural element.
The interdisciplinary in the group translates in questions that orient the works. Besides the premise that soccer is a total social phenomenon, what else could be in common between the participants so that they form a group and not a mere sum of interests? How to sëlect and organize readings that contemplate this diversity of subjects? In order to answers those questions, there are three main lines of action: a chronological panorama of the main discussions on soccer in Brazil and other countries; the election of fundamental themes and concepts with which all representatives of the group deal with directly or indirectly in the researches and an investigation on the recent academic production on soccer.
Study Areas
  • Anthropology and Soccer
  • Socio cultural studies on soccer
  • Soccer history in Brazil

Katia Rubio, PhD. - Coordinator